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Dr. Orsula V. Knowlton


Dr. Orsula V. Knowlton is a passionate entrepreneur, leader, and pharmacist. She has over two decades of experience in the healthcare and pharmacy industry, with a proven track record for quality of care spending most of her career based in Philadelphia, PA.

Over the years, Dr. Orsula V. Knowlton has learned to appreciate the importance of technology and its impact in the healthcare industry. As such, she has worked hard to incoroprate proprietary technology in her ventures, to further optimize quality and outcomes for patients. This is one of many initiatives Dr. Knowlton has innovated around within her organizations. Other initiatives include diversity and inclusion. Dr. Orsula Knowlton has also always been engaged in helping nonprofit organizations whenever possible.

In 2009, Dr. Orsula Knowlton helped to co-found Tabula Rasa Healthcare, Inc. Tabula Rasa Healthcare works mostly within the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) industry, offering medication risk mitigation, safety, and pharmacy solutions amongst other PACE needs. As co-founder, Dr. Orsula Knowlton held many positions within the company, including President, Chief Marketing, New Business Development Officer, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, And President of the Board of Directors. Recently, Dr. Knowlton made the decision to retire from Tabula Rasa Healthcare to pursuit other interests including providing greater access to PACE and promoting the value of pharmacists as part of the healthcare team

Her experience with Tabula Rasa Healthcare gave Dr. Orsula Knowlton the knowledge to start her consulting business: TR-Strategies. TR-Strategies, a consulting firm founded in 2007 offers various services, including sharing knowledge and expertise on patient care issues related to pharmacy, ethics, and business development. As a founder and president of TR-Strategies, Dr. Orsula Knowlton is responsible for many critical elements of the business. This includes mergers and acquisitions consulting, due diligence, and business development. 

Working at TR-Strategies is one area that keeps Dr. Orsula Knowlton busy. The other is her work with The Calvin and Orsula Knowlton Foundation, Inc. She established the foundation with her husband, hoping to support causes near and dear to their hearts. As president of the foundation, Dr. Orsula Knowlton’s opinion goes a long way in choosing which causes to support. This helps increase their impact within the philanthropic community.

Dr. Orsula Knowlton has always felt strongly about helping those around her. This desire shines through in multiple ways. For example, her work in the nonprofit sector speaks for itself, especially regarding her (and her husband’s) foundation. Likewise, Dr. Knowlton has always tried to support and uplift others whenever possible. This is especially true when supporting new entrepreneurs, especially female leaders. As someone who has been there herself, it is natural for Dr. Knowlton to understand the needs of those seeking to offer entrepreneurial solutions to help others. 

Like many in her industry, Dr. Orsula Knowlton has an extensive educational background. She attended the University of Sciences in Philadelphia for two of her degrees; a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and a Doctor of Pharmacy. She also attended Temple University in Philadelphia for a Master’s in Business and Administration. In addition, Dr. Knowlton has obtained several certifications and licenses, especially those required to function within the pharmacy industry. 

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